Rent Sherry Cervi Diamond Shank Barrel Bit with Small Twisted Wire Dogbone

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Identical to the original Diamond Shank, but with a limited gag for horses that do not need the extra collection. Short Shank.

We decided to create this rental option as an opportunity for you to try some of the products before buying them. Keep an eye here as we will be adding some more products soon. Some T&Cs apply for it, please read below.

- After ordering it online we will be sending you an email to sign up to the direct debit. The payment for this item will come from your bank account weekly until the item is returned.

- It is your obligation to send it back. Please use a tracking option in case it gets lost.

- You can keep it as long as you want

- The item must be returned clean and without damages

- If the item is damage or broke a fee will apply

ill apply 

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